Swiss chard

Another easy plant to grow, lots of goodness, lots of ways to utilize this vegetable and a great Italian staple, taught to me by my mother and aunties.

Add to your minestrone, sauteed dish accompanying many dishes, meats and fish or just on its own with good bread.

To prepare the swiss chard or silver beet, cut the stalk, wash in cold water, role the leaves and cut into slices. Leave aside for later.

If you grow your own and do not use sprays, organic food comes with many small creatures, this will tell you oh its fresh!

To cook:- Chop one onion finely, 4 cloves of sliced of fresh young garlic, saute with a touch of olive oil, a little salt, water. You probably think why water, I use water a lot for just this process, this doesn't add any fat to your dish, add a little salt and you still can get flavor.

Once the onion and garlic are transparent you can add the finely sliced swiss chard and silver beet, zest of one lemon and cook for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how you like it cooked, adjust the salt if you wish, and serve. 

home grown produce.jpg

Picked fresh from the garden



Rainbow Swiss chard