November 2017

The other day I went to the chemist, while I was there I noticed a bottle of Kruse's fluid magnesia,  I asked about it and one person said why are you taking it you should ask your doctor? Hmm I thought so then another shop assistant came over and a totally different response, she said you will feel great, and that's what I thought. So why not give it a go, I used to  take Magnesium powder and B complex with C every night before bed but stopped don't know why?

It's been a week now and every morning and night (before I go to bed) I take a small glass of milk with 2 teaspoons of the liquid, okay how do I feel the aches in the legs are less frequent, the eczema on my leg has reduced in size and less irritable.

I will keep you updated on how I go!


Kruse's fluid magnesia